Friday, October 19, 2007

I feel the luv!

I can't help but always wonder if anyone is out there in internet-land, at least looking and hopefully liking what I'm making. Web counters such as Stat Counter show if someone visits your site (and I check once a day!) but it can't tell you if they like your site. Where as Etsy has a feature where a person can "heart" your shop or a particular item you have for sell. I use this feature a lot as I have a long wish list for Christmas and will directing loved ones to it this year. :-)

In the past couple of months, while my main website has been down for updating, I've been leaning heavily on my Etsy shop. I checked early this morning and saw that 85 people have hearted my shop.

This brightens my day and hopefully is a indicator on how today will go. :-)

An abridged look at my etsy "hearts" items.

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Kelly McCants said...

cute stuff!