Thursday, November 30, 2006


So, I "participated" in NaNoWriMo this year. The goal, 50,000 words in 30 days, a Novel/Novella. I put participated in quotes since I got about 400 words in and just died. On the page that is.
I like to consider myself a closet novel writer. I have plots, a list of cool titles, some starts to a couple of synopsis/outlines all on my handy dandy flash drive in a folder titled Novels. Did you catch the plural novels not singular. Yeah, I have high hopes.

I was jazzed, I had a plot sort of, but I just couldn't get passed those first couple of paragraphs. There are tricks to expand your word count, of course. My favorite suggestion I read on the forum was to type potato after every word. i.e., He potato walked potato gingerly potato across potato the potato damp potato foggy potato field. Nice! I could do that, I still have until midnight, (evil laugh) but I won't. The point is the journey not the destination as the great thinkers say.

In my defense, I didn't do the prep work. I didn't have a synopsis, no outline, charactor names...title. Two days before November 1st I signed up. I jumped in both feet. It works for some, but didn't for me. I could have just hit the 50,000 word count and "won". Which is fine, it does jump start creative juices and thats the point. But me being me, I would like to have a semi-complete first draft of a novel on my hands and not mashed potatos.

It was fun though, and here at the end, I have a plot, some very cool character names, and a rough and I do mean rough outline. Next time I'll be prepared, yep I'll do it again. I recommend everyone try it. They are going to do a scriptwriting NaNo in June. hmmmm...I'm going to try it!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bird is the word.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

She's Crafty...

I try to keep crafty doing other things than sewing handbags and clothes. It helps to keep things interesting. So, I've been looking for the perfect camera case and haven't found one I liked. Of course, I hade to make one.

I didn't need anything bulky since when I take my camera its in my purse. Its a blanket stitch. I know its backwards, but I like this look better. What you don't see is a little button hole at the top for the strap to go through.

Music Meme: If your life were a soundtrack...

I am a big time music lover. I use it to concentrate, to relax, to amp myself up for a project, just about everything. I also like a diverse range of music. So, when I saw the post on Lark Studio's blog, I knew I had to see what my soundtrack would be.

Media Player Meme

If your life were a soundtrack, what would the music be?

Here's how it works:
1. open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that's playing
5. new question -- press the next button
6. don't lie and try to pretend you're cool

opening credits:
"Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op.[movie score from The Life Aquatic]" by Mark Mothersbough
(told you I like music from all places)

waking up:
"Danger" by Erykah Badu

first day at school:
"Suga Baby" by Cee-lo

falling in love:
"Rusty Cage" by Johnny Cash (hmmm, interesting!!)

breaking up:
"Let Go" by Frou Frou

"Black Sweat" by Prince(I didn't go to my prom, maybe I missed something! lol)

life's okay:
“Rock Star" by N.E.R.D (Rock on!!!)

mental breakdown:
“I Want You" by Erykah Badu

“Play" by David Banner (This one doesn't make sense. I haven't listened to this one in months.)

“I'll be Around" by Cee-Lo and Timbaland

getting back together:
"King of the Dancehall" by Beenie Man

“Broken" by Seether

birth of child:
“Get Up" by Ciara (well, that one is way off)

final battle:
"Hips don't Lie" by Shakira

death scene:
“Soul Survivor" by Young Jeezy

funeral song:
"Gold Digger" by Kanye West (LOL!)

end credits:
"Sinnerman" Nina Simone and Felix Da Houscat

This doesn't even touch on all the songs I have. Weird how some of the songs popped up but fun.