Monday, August 29, 2005

such a trip!

Buster today

I've been TAGGED!

I've been Tagged by Leila. The past...Ohh, its all so blurry! ;-P

10 years ago today: August 28, 1995
I was in Los Angeles, gearing up for a new semester of college. This was the semester I switched majors from theater/undecided to fashion design. Finally!!!!!!! Going for it!!

5 years ago today: August 28, 2000
In Virginia now. I've been back in VA for about a year + . Still in college, I got hoodwinked into having to do another year due to non-transfering credits and screwey department class schedual for B.S. degree. I think that was B.S. Started the year pissed, and stayed that way for the duration. But I did take a pottery class during this time. Loved it and the professor was cute too! :-P
My mother moved back to Virginia this time too.

1 year ago today: August 28, 2004
Finally making my business official and pursuing full time 100%, 24/7.

Yesterday: August 27, 2005
Organizing and taking pictures of fabric for next site update. Sewing a bit and working on computer updating Soleil Rouge website. Plotting on how my Style Conspiracy site will look.

Tomorrow: August 29, 2005
Plotting, sewing, maybe a trip to the fabric store. Still on the quest of organization.

5 snacks:
dried pineapples
5 Bands I know most of the lyrics to:
Bee-Gees ( yes!, I said the Bee-Gees)
Duran Duran ( ditto and I'm putting a date on myself!)
The Temptations
Barry White
Gladys Knight and the Pips
5 things I'd do with a million bucks:
Buy a house near the beach and have a well organized studio for my business.
Invest in Soleil Rouge like I'd like to.
Donate some to favorite charities (Hale House, St. Jude,...)
Travel a bit, first stop NYC!
Shop, shop, shop
5 places I'd run away to:
South of France
5 Bad Habits:
self doubt
biting one nail on each hand, right now its my pinkies. (weird)
stress snacking
not excersing to counter act the stress eating
5 things I like doing:
Teaching my dog new tricks
reading and writing
Watching movies
taking trips
5 things I wouldn't wear:
mini skirts
5 inch heels
thongs (but I won't say never)
horizontal stripes
5 Tv shows:
CSI (all three)
Law and Order and L&R: SVU
Rescue Me
5 Movies:
LOTR ( all three)
Bad Boys 1 and 2
Bond, James Bond
5 people I'd like to meet:
Maya Angleou
Elizabeth Taylor
Jimmy Carter
Robert Deniro
5 biggest joys at the moments:
finding a sale
selling a design
my dog, Buster
Fresh Diet Dr Pepper
a piece of Coconut cake
5 favorite toys:
Digital camera
new laptop
Paint shop pro
MP3 player
5 people to tag:
leslie (Sparkle and Shine)
May (Whimsical Lily Boutique
Joleen(love, joleen)
Mandy (Hi-Heeled Designs)
Jena ( Curio J)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Look whats new!

RCM (Richmond Craft Mafia) is alive and kicking with 5 members strong and 3 pending. Too Cool!!!
I've been keeping busy. Working on new Fall items for Soleil Rouge, new items and styles for the upcoming opening of my other site Style Conspiracy and... finished and sent my Sampler items.

Caution! sneak peaks ahead!! I just have to show off alittle. :-)

I couldn't decide what style to submit, so I did a bit of variety. The mini clutch style will be available on Soleil Rouge in the next site update.

Back to sewing!!!