Monday, August 29, 2005

I've been TAGGED!

I've been Tagged by Leila. The past...Ohh, its all so blurry! ;-P

10 years ago today: August 28, 1995
I was in Los Angeles, gearing up for a new semester of college. This was the semester I switched majors from theater/undecided to fashion design. Finally!!!!!!! Going for it!!

5 years ago today: August 28, 2000
In Virginia now. I've been back in VA for about a year + . Still in college, I got hoodwinked into having to do another year due to non-transfering credits and screwey department class schedual for B.S. degree. I think that was B.S. Started the year pissed, and stayed that way for the duration. But I did take a pottery class during this time. Loved it and the professor was cute too! :-P
My mother moved back to Virginia this time too.

1 year ago today: August 28, 2004
Finally making my business official and pursuing full time 100%, 24/7.

Yesterday: August 27, 2005
Organizing and taking pictures of fabric for next site update. Sewing a bit and working on computer updating Soleil Rouge website. Plotting on how my Style Conspiracy site will look.

Tomorrow: August 29, 2005
Plotting, sewing, maybe a trip to the fabric store. Still on the quest of organization.

5 snacks:
dried pineapples
5 Bands I know most of the lyrics to:
Bee-Gees ( yes!, I said the Bee-Gees)
Duran Duran ( ditto and I'm putting a date on myself!)
The Temptations
Barry White
Gladys Knight and the Pips
5 things I'd do with a million bucks:
Buy a house near the beach and have a well organized studio for my business.
Invest in Soleil Rouge like I'd like to.
Donate some to favorite charities (Hale House, St. Jude,...)
Travel a bit, first stop NYC!
Shop, shop, shop
5 places I'd run away to:
South of France
5 Bad Habits:
self doubt
biting one nail on each hand, right now its my pinkies. (weird)
stress snacking
not excersing to counter act the stress eating
5 things I like doing:
Teaching my dog new tricks
reading and writing
Watching movies
taking trips
5 things I wouldn't wear:
mini skirts
5 inch heels
thongs (but I won't say never)
horizontal stripes
5 Tv shows:
CSI (all three)
Law and Order and L&R: SVU
Rescue Me
5 Movies:
LOTR ( all three)
Bad Boys 1 and 2
Bond, James Bond
5 people I'd like to meet:
Maya Angleou
Elizabeth Taylor
Jimmy Carter
Robert Deniro
5 biggest joys at the moments:
finding a sale
selling a design
my dog, Buster
Fresh Diet Dr Pepper
a piece of Coconut cake
5 favorite toys:
Digital camera
new laptop
Paint shop pro
MP3 player
5 people to tag:
leslie (Sparkle and Shine)
May (Whimsical Lily Boutique
Joleen(love, joleen)
Mandy (Hi-Heeled Designs)
Jena ( Curio J)