Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from Brooklyn - Fuggettaboutit!

Wow, Renegade was a such a trip! There were 5 of us making the trek by van and car and a 6th (smart to fly) member joined us in Brooklyn. RCM had never done a out of town group booth like that before. Talk about trial by fire! Everything went relatively smooth considering 6 personalities all in one place for pretty much 24 hours a day for 4 days. Renegade was a very good show and it was great meeting people face to face, some I've chatted online with for a year.

We ate at a great eatery that was just around the corner from McCarren Park, called Enid's. Exactly the sort of place you picture in a hip/artsy area of Brooklyn. Super cool place, great drinks (yay! Harrison!) and apparently mac and cheese to die for. They were always out of it when we got there. Sadness. And I don't know if they do this every Saturday, but at around 10pm, they started showing a movie! That night, The Neverending Story. Enid's Rocks!
It hurt my heart a little (ok, a LOT) that I didn't get to go over to Manhattan, (So near, yet so far!) but time was crunched. I think it would have been worse if I had got over there and then had to rush through. I would have wanted to see everything and take in a show. I'll have to take Manhattan another time. :-(

I almost forgot my Renegade goodies. The Adorn magazine booth held several raffles during the two days of Renegade and I won a goodie bag!