Monday, July 25, 2005

New look

There is a new look brewing at Soleil Rouge. I know, I know, those that know me are thinking what else is new. But I promise no more twiking to my site unless there is something wrong or to add more designs for a looong time. It will probably launch today. I'm taking my site in a new direction, focusing on special occasion and bridal accessories.

Still a busy bee, changing the focus on Soleil Rouge and... drum roll please... starting another site, Style Conspiracy. Thats what I've been working on. Style Conspiracy will be my outlet for my fun and funky everyday designs and not just handbags and totes. I'm adding my other craft interests of home decor items and jewelry. Am I doing too much? Probably. :-) But hey, going with the flow. I'll keep ya posted.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Busy bee!

I've been busy. Cutting fabric and ironing interface. Urgh! I always hated cutting fabric.
I have a slight addiction to fabric shopping. I can spend hours looking at all the textures and colors, thinking and plotting designs I could do. So I always have to fight a minor hesitation to cut.
But I did get one of the new designs finished to jump start my new direction of Soleil Rouge. Heres a sneak peak:

It's a done deal. Four independent designers in Richmond, VA (including lil ole me) have joined force for a Richmond Craft Mafia. I'm pretty jazzed about that. Finally people who understand why it is important to spend a 10 mins feeling interfacing to pick the right one for a project. :-) Too cool!