Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its too darn hot!

As if you don't know. I still had to throw my 2 cents in. Record high heat across the nation.

Today I have a gripe about the amount of bugs flying around. I must be sweeter than I thought because I've been stung twice by mystery flying bugs this weekend, on my head! Since I am anti-bug but don't want to gas myself with bug spray all the time, or not outside long enough to deal with lighting the cintranella candles, I'm going to share a tip I heard of somewhere that works. Dryer sheets!! Dryer sheets will repel the flying buggies. Great for the porch, a screened sunroom, etc. Just leave a sheet or two in the middle of the patio table. They will repel for about a week or so as long as they still have the smell. After this weekend I'm contemplating hanging them off my ears, but I'll fight the feeling. :-P