Friday, August 03, 2007

A crafty challenge

My friend Dawn has challenged me to do a craft-a-day during August.
It all ties in to the Use What You Have Movement of crafters. You see, one of the habits of crafty people is buying supplies with projects in mind, or a terrific sale or a happening of Oh My Thats Super Cute, It Must Be Mine. (I suffer from all three cases. ;-P) And for some reason the inspired projected doesn't get finished, supplies go unused. So, the goal is to use the supplies I have in house and finish a project from scratch or from partials that have some how managed not to get done each day. . Here is number one, a wrap skirt that has been cut out for a couple of weeks, no longer a UFO (Un-finished Object).


Kelly McCants said...

What a great challenge!

I should join in too

Nicole Lee said...

Yes! Join us! Its actually helping me get over my perfection issue and just let go and craft.