Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crafty line-up...

Lots of activity happening in Richmond this week. Saturday we assembled the swag bags that we are giving out to the first 200 customers to Spring Bada-Bing. Lots of great stuff in there. Monday, we had our group picture taken by Jay Paul for an article in Brick weekly. Very exciting stuff and last minute. Miracles of miracles, all 10 members were there, and with crafty props. And we did what we usually do when we are all in one place. Talk about what projects we are working on, men, craft shows, news, men, crafts, projects to try... our photographer was very patient, needless to say. We also squeezed in one last meeting before Spring Bada-Bing, hashing out last minute detail.

Whats this all about you ask? It's all about Spring Bada-Bing!
When: April 22, 2007 ~ 10am to 4pm
The Marquee
3015 Cutshaw Ave - 2 blocks west of Boulevard & Broad Sts.
Richmond, VA