Monday, October 02, 2006

Fabric Withdrawal

I am a addict... a fabric addict and I'm going through withdrawl. I haven't stepped foot into a fabric store in 2 whole months. Its a push to get me using my substantial fabric stash, some of which has traveled cross country from La-La Land, Los Angeles, California. I do have my favorites and for the life of me, I-can-not-cut. Crazy, I know. But I'm on the right path.
To start it off, I made this one of a kind dress. I bought the snazzy, retro, high heel fabric from a fellow craft diva and fabric addict.(ENABLER!) ;-) She lightened her stash and I brought it home. ha-ha!! Right now, I'm day-dreaming of going to Mood, the fabric store featured on Project Runway. I could get lost in there for days! More to come later.


Dawn Anderson said...

sometimes enabling is not a BAD thing! :) I never would have thought of that fabric in a dress! NICE!

Nicole said...

Its a cool fabric and very easy to work with. I wish I can find some more.